EVEREST AIR Training Institute is a Proprietary company, registered in INDIA. From our small beginnings
as a partnership of lecturers offering part-time Training in ahmedabad, it has grown to become a substantial
and in fluential organization at the heart of skills development in critical knowledge skills in india.
certified by ISO 9001:2008 company.
Core Business
EVEREST AIR’S main business is skills development, but to stereotype us as a ‘training company’ would be
to underestimate the value that we contribute to company and students alike. Our targeted skills domain lies
at the intersection of training and Business, at the point where organisations can maximise our value. The
kinds of skills we focus on includes:

  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Communication skills (Presentations, Workshop facilitation, meeting management, interacting skills)
  • Effective Training
  • Result oriented, Creative and innovative


EVEREST AIR pride itself on the quality of its administrative and academic staff. While academic
credentials and ability are important, we recruit staff primarily for their passion, professionalism and
team spirit :
Our administrative staff are responsible for the behind -the-scenes running of courses. Since part of our
company is to challenge students to push the boundries of their own capabilites ,training can be a stressful
process, especially when assignments and exams come around,their job is to ensure that our students
expericence the best possible experience while they are on our trainig courses, and they need to be strict but
fair and caring when doing this.We have people to handle.

  • Marketing
  • Office Management
  • Course administration
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Our academic staff are very special people indeed. Since our courses are much more than a series of
    lectures, and are very practical in nature, our academic staff need to be able to walk-the-walk, as well as
    talk-the-talk. They are not only great facilitators and teachers, but they are able to coach, advise and
    mentor students as they complete their practical work. Since a key objective of our training approach is
    to develop students who have the self-confidence and knowledge to apply their skills when they leave us,
    they have been carefully coached to ‘facilitate learning’ rather than ‘teach’ . Our more experienced academic
    staff fill a number of roles, including
  • Course Manager
  • Lecturer or facilitator
  • examiner or moderator

All academic staff need to undergo a thorough accreditation process, and our ongoing quality monitoring
systems ensure that they are continually improving
the quality and consistency of our educational programmes.

Products And Services

Company Profile

We offer training courses aimed at developing the skills of students in aviation targeted areas. We also offer
value-added services that allow organizations to derive better return on their training investment.

Training Courses

Company Profile

Our Qualifications are aimed at the career needs of key individuals. These are vocational qualifications that
cover multiple skills in a part-time format over several months. Courses are as below.

  • Aviation courses
  • Hospitality management
  • Tourism training
  • Personality development

Professional Services

Company Profile

Our value-added services are designed to help organization ensure that they obtain enduring value from
training, whether this be by helping them select thecorrect student, or by ensuring that the work environment
has evolved to support the high-end training that we deliver. That includes:

  • Organisational Maturity Assessments
  • Workshop customisation and course development
  • Coaching and mentoring services
  • Job profiling
  • Employee profile assessment and screening