Millions of people travel each year for business and leisure, making travel and tourism a huge industry with many opportunities for growth and expansion….Travel and tourism management professionals are responsible for increasing profits by drawing as many customers as possible to the businesses they represent, such as hotels and restaurants. Managers in the travel and tourism industry must be able to communicate effectively to a diverse group of people, solve problems quickly and work odd hours. They must also have knowledge of their establishment’s operations and financing.


Course Duration 6 months

Inclusion in Course

Travel and tourism management encompasses a wide range of subjects, business administration and marketing. Personality development and study about customer care and challenges in the industry.

Course traits
Train about customer care. How to deal with the customer?
How to communicate with the customer etc.
Tour management system
Pay attention in your personality development as well as your communication.
100% placement Guarantee *


Age limitation 17 to 27 yrs

Qualification: S.S.C, H.S.C and Above

Good Communication is needed Along with good body structure

100 % Job Guarantee *

Job Roles

Travel agent

Working as a travel agent offers a fast-paced, fun environment where budding sales stars can hone their abilities. Travel agents help travellers by sorting through vast amounts of information to find the best possible travel arrangements. In addition, resorts and speciality travel groups use travel agents to promote travel packages to their clients.

Arranging flights, insurance and accommodation
Using a booking system to secure holidays
Collecting and processing payments

Tour Manager

The job of a Tour Manager is to make sure that life on the road runs smoothly for everyone involved. This means getting the band safely to venues and hotels, managing money coming in and money going out and dealing with Promoters and Venue Managers.

Travel Company Owner

You can open your own travel company and deal with other travel agency and all

Itinerary Planner

Itinerary planning has to plan the whole tour for their client as per requirement. They have to arrange all the thing like ticket booking, hotel etc.